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Kate Fearnley - Ivy

Purchases are on a first come first served basis
- Sizes UK 10-16 available which can be altered in or out with our recommended seamstress team
- Your personal stylist will be on hand to assist throughout your consultation
- All dresses are to take home the same day & PAID IN FULL-please come prepared

MABEL- 13003_0167.jpg
Rowan Kelsey Rose Sale
Leigh Kelsey Rose Sale.jpeg
Maria Kelsey Rose Sale.PNG
Delta Kelsey Rose Sale.PNG
Stevie Shikoba Salw.PNG
Jordan Madi Lane Sale.PNG
Summer Skirt Kelsey Rose Sale.PNG
Ivy Kate Fearnley Sale.PNG
Opal Kelsey Rose Sale.PNG
sample sale catalogue  - 4.PNG
Peta Madi Lane Sale.PNG
Jagger Sale.PNG
Meghan Sale.PNG
sample sale catalogue  - 10.PNG
sample sale catalogue  - 7.PNG
Madison Sale.PNG
Rose Sale.PNG
Athena Sale.PNG
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